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Machine Shop Services

Here at Action Parts we have the most up-to-date Machine Shop in the city of Medicine Hat including a new computerized engine balancing system. Our Technicians, with more than 50 years of combined mechanical experience, can and will fix any problem you may have with your engine. We service and rebuild almost any commercial or privately-owned engine. Whether it be Industrial, Agricultural, or just your personal vehicle, we do them all. We also have access to all the common and not so common lines of performance parts for your cruising, circle track, or drag racing needs. We are very capable of doing most performance upgrades right here in the shop.
At Action Parts Machine Shop we are very proud of our reputation in the city of Medicine Hat and work hard to maintain it.

Visit us soon and we'll show you why our service is second to none.

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Machine Shop Services

  • Precision Block Blueprinting
  • Precision Block Boring
  • Precision Torque Plate Honing
  • Domestic & Import Block Sleeving
  • Sleeve Installation
  • Block Squaring and Decking
  • Connecting Rod Reconditioning
  • Main Bore Align Honing
  • Stroker Crank Clearancing
  • Multi Angle Valve Jobs
  • Cylinder Head Resurfacing
  • Block Resurfacing
  • Intake Manifold Resurfacing
  • Exhaust Manifold & Header Resurfacing
  • Cylinder Head Pressure Testing
  • Magnafluxing
  • Flywheel Grinding
  • Glass Beading, and General Engine Degreasing
  • Shot Peening
  • Unleaded Valve Seat Installationr
  • Valve Guide Replacement
  • Crankshaft Grinding and Polishing
  • Computerized Dynamic Engine Balancing & Blueprinting (new)
  • Press Work
  • Complete Custom Engine Rebuilding & Assembling
  • Brake Drum/Rotor Machining

We can supply or order-in almost any OEM, stock replacement, or High Performance part for your engine rebuild. We also have an excellent stock of used engine components.

Jim -Machine Shop Manager





We also provide an engine run-in stand service to fully test your engines valve clearances and oiling system BEFORE you fire it up.

Contact Jim for more details.


877 14th Street SW
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Canada T1A 4V9

Phone (403) 527-8816

Office Fax (403) 529-5117
Order Fax (403) 527-6482

Toll Free 1-800-442-8700

Below are a few of our well-maintained and accurate Machine Shop Service Equipment.

Cylinder Hone and Cylinder Boring (above)

Valve Guide and Seat Machine (above)

Block Main Align Hone Machine (above)


cylinder head resurfacing (above)

Connecting rod sizing.

Brake Lathe.